Are you and your business Growth ready? (Part I)

In our experience, getting a business to grow starts with the business and the business owner/manager being growth ready.

Being growth ready doesn’t mean just because you want it to be true or simply wishing it. Being growth ready means you, as the prime driver of your business, need to do the things needed at the right time in the right order at the right pace.

Are you growth ready?

Forget about your skills, capabilities even your marketing strategy for a moment, are you in the right place?

The single most important characteristic of a business owner/manager who wants to grow their business is focus. Let’s face it, as the business owner, you are the pivot for all attention, activity and decisions. Running a business successfully means you need to drive all the activities of your business. This takes time, effort and, in the “cut and thrust” of the day to day, business owners can be easily swallowed.

To be growth ready, you need to focus on the things your business needs to do to grow. Focus means finding the time to concentrate. If you want your business to grow, it will mean change in your business. Change takes time, it takes effort and it takes concentration.


Aspects of focus

The first aspect of focus is uninterrupted time. If you’re like most people, you probably still believe in multi-tasking. You may even ask this of potential new employees. There is no such thing as multi-tasking, this idea has had its day and has been thoroughly debunked. If you don’t believe me, then do an online search. Even better, read authors like Cal Newport or Daniel Goleman who will work through why multi-tasking does not work for humans. So, when you create time to focus on growing your business, make sure it is uninterruptable.

The second aspect of focus is how you deploy time. You can deploy your time in “blocks”, over a week this will add up nicely. This is not a good deployment of time though, essentially you must re-start your focus every day. This drains effort, is awkward and unproductive. Better to manage your focus time in large time “blocks. Deploy your time wisely for maximum clarity, focus your available time by deploying in long stretches…uninterrupted.

The third aspect of focus is how much time. We lean on what our experience tells us, the rule of thumb we use is that you will need to spend at least a day a week focused on how to grow your business. We know that, for many, this is a big ask. We know if you cannot extricate yourself for one day then you are never going to be growth ready and you will find growth hard to achieve. So, find a way to give yourself at least a day a week in one time block…uninterrupted.

Final Thought

If you want to achieve growth in your small or medium sized business (or any sized business for that matter), the foundation on which you build growth is being growth ready, our experience is that an important ingredient for your foundation is your ability to invest time with focus.

Do this and you go a long way to being growth ready.

(See Part II for determining if your business is growth ready)



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